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Rick Ware Racing Joins the Inaugural 2022 FIM World Supercross Championship

June 2, 2022 (Mooresville, NC) - Rick Ware Racing (RWR) announced today that they have been selected as one of ten teams globally to compete in the newly formed World Supercross Championship (WSX) Racing Series, Supercross Global. WSX is a brand new supercross series that is looking to elevate the sport of supercross globally, by bringing supercross racing to stadiums around the world. Based in Australia, SX Global is a collective of world class sports marketing and entertainment experts who operate globally within the motorsports and entertainment industries. For the first time in supercoss, team owners have the ability to build equity and increase the value of their teams over time. "I am excited and honored to be selected as one of ten team owners globally, to be a part of the inaugural WSX Global Racing Series," commented team owner Rick Ware. "Supercross has been a huge part of my racing career when I was younger, and I've always wanted to get back to my roots." RWR will field two entries in the WSX 450cc Class and two entries in the SX2 250cc Class. Ware continued, "I've been waiting for the right opportunity to get back into supercross, and this new ownership model is truly unique in the world of motorsports, very similar to F1, Moto GP and NASCAR. Being part of WSX allows for RWR to expand our reach globally, while also being part of an exciting new opportunity in the supercross arena. We are very aware of the success that Tony Cochrane has had in V8 Supercars, and have no doubt that this new series will be just as successful."

WSX will feature a highly exclusive ownership structure with 10 Team licenses. Each Team will feature four riders: two in the WSX 450cc Class and two in the SX2 250cc Class, where 44 riders will compete in each Championship Round (22 in each class) with the additional four being made up of carefully selected ‘Wildcards. Four World Supercross Champions will be crowned each year.

In addition, teams will be able to build equity and increase the investment value in teams over time. The series is devoting $50 million to financial support for its teams and riders, with prize purses that are more than double what the sport currently pays, as well as offering appearance fees and developmental funding to teams to ensure the highest levels of operation and competition.

SX Global motorsport managing director Adam Bailey said. “As we embark on our inaugural pilot season, it’s critical that each of our teams bring a spirit of collaboration in the broader effort to drive our sport forward and expand its relevance across the globe, and that’s exactly the case for each of these teams and owners.” For additional information on Rick Ware Racing visit, and be sure to follow along on social media (Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram). About Rick Ware Racing A mainstay on the NASCAR circuit, former driver Rick Ware runs the Rick Ware Racing (RWR) Team with extensive experience in the world of motorsports. Boasting more than 1,000 starts in multiple premier auto racing series around the world, RWR currently competes in the NASCAR Cup Series, IndyCar Series and IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Series. Ware is also a veteran of motocross and supercross, having owned and managed supercross teams in the late 2000s. About SX Global Based in Australia, SX Global is a collective of world class sports marketing and entertainment experts who operate globally within the motorsports and entertainment industries. Considered the “founding father” of the modern era of Australian motor racing, Tony Cochrane leads the SX Global team as president, bringing more than 45 years of experience in developing and managing successful motorsports series and events. Managing Directors, Adam Bailey, a former competitive rider, and Ryan Sanderson, bring extensive proven experience in supercross event development, management, and promotion after five years of successfully delivering the largest action sports and supercross event in the Southern Hemisphere, the AUS-X Open.


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