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July 14, 2020 (Mooresville, NC)

This Wednesday night at Bristol Motor Speedway you will see the white and orange #51 car with the Red Rock Secured sponsorship on it but if you look at the TV Panel you will see something much more. Thanks to Red Rock Secured the faces of Nathan and Luther Davis and the Donate Life Tennessee logo will adorn the TV Panel.

Luther Davis had been on dialysis for more than 5 years and was in desperate need of a kidney transplant.  His 23-year-old son and former ETSU student, Nathan, was trying to lose weight to meet the criteria to be a living kidney donor for his father.  Around 4am on Wednesday, January 16th 2019, the Davis family received a knock of the door that every parent dreads. Their son Nathan had been in a car wreck and had been rushed to the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

Nathan was in the ICU for 4 days and was declared brain dead on Sunday.  

Because of the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, families can designate their wishes to specific individuals on the waiting list.  Doctors told Luther that Nathan’s kidney was a perfect match. Did he want one?  Luther said, “Yes! That’s what Nathan would have wanted.” The kidney transplant was a complete success and Luther is doing great.  Nathan was able to give life to 3 others besides his father. He was able to donate his heart, kidneys, and liver.  Luther and his wife, Julia, are now volunteers with Tennessee Donor Services and shares the important message of organ, tissue, and eye donation.  

“This moment brings me both happy and sad tears. Both are important in our human journey. What is important is we take this moment to acknowledge and honor the donor and the recipient that have inspired such vision and courage,” said CEO Sean Kelly. “Let us take the torch and continue to pass the flame. Our Red Rock Secured family is touched by this amazing human story of tragedy and hope. It’s such an honor to be on the same team that honor’s the Donors and the Joey Gase legacy.”

“I am so thankful to the great folks at Red Rock Secured for not only teaming up with us as a sponsor but also teaming up with us on a very important cause to my family and I. Raising awareness for organ, eye, and tissue donation and honoring all of those affected by it,” said Gase. “This shows how much Red Rock Secured truly cares about the wellbeing and future of everyone.”

About Red Rock Secured:

CEO, Sean Kelly and his team pride themselves in creating confidence for its clients. Red Rock Secured knows that in order to do so, they must protect their client’s retirement savings.

During the Great Recession of 2008, Red Rock Secured saw too many Americans lose too much. That is why for over a decade they have worked with their clients to protect their retirement savings by investing in gold and silver.

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